I have done number of web development projects.The most prominent ones are listed here.Don't forget to play my JavaScript Games which are at the end of my project list.

Maps with LeafletJSmore_vert


Maps with LeafletJSclose

In this project, both editable and uneditable map has been created with the help of leaftlet.js.By clicking any point on the map, the user can get to know about the latitude and longitude of the particular location.In the editable map, the user can locate their stores and can also draw their service area with different shapes like circle,rectangle and polygons.

Website Reviewing Appmore_vert


Website Reviewing Appclose

With this app, the user can provide their reviews on the appropriate websites.This app comes with handy feature like login which allows the user to perform CRUD operations and can also provide upvotes/downvotes.Also, they can get automatic website recommendations based on their previous upvotes/downvotes.Other users can provide comments for the review of any website.If the user is does not login, they can view the website reviews which exists already.In order, provide reviews or upvotes/downvotes one must login into the app.

Image Sharing Appmore_vert


Image Sharing Appclose

This app is used to share the images and get ratings from other users.If the user logged in into that app, he/she can add/remove images and provide rating to any images which exists in the database.The anonymous user can only view the content but cannot do addition/deletion or rating for any of the pictures.

Exam Registration Formmore_vert


Exam Registration Formclose

This is the responsive exam registration form which fits in all the screens ranging from mobile phones to desktop PC.

Tasklist Websitemore_vert


Tasklist Websiteclose

This website was designed in order to assign the tasks within the group of members.It is responsive and developed with HTML,CSS,JS,bootstrap.

Website with Image Spritesmore_vert


Website with Image Spritesclose

I made this mockup website with image sprites which substantially reduces the loading speed of webpage due to heavy images.This webpage could be operated in all the devices as it is made responsive with bootstrap.

E-commerce Mobile Appmore_vert


E-commerce Mobile Appclose

I created simple mockup E-commerce mobile app with phonegap/cordova and framework7.The improvements on the existing code is going on to make it much better.

Restaurant Websitemore_vert


Restaurant Websiteclose

This is the responsive restaurant website created with HTML,CSS,JS and Bootstrap.This website provides all the essential details of the restaurant such as restaurant executives,special dishes which has been served on the particular occasion and the option to reserve the table in prior for the customers.

Angular2 Appmore_vert


Angular2 Appclose

In this app, form manipulation occurs along with real time two way data binding features of angular2 framework and nodejs support. This is the CRUD application wherein the user can create, read, update and delete data.API integration is done to get the data from other loaction.

ExpressJS Appmore_vert


ExpressJS Appclose

This app allows the user to add and to store the customer data in the server. Also, the CRUD operation is performed in this app by using the technologies like expressjs,nodejs,MonogoDB.

D3 Chartsmore_vert


D3 Chartsclose

Dynamic charts are created with the D3.js wherein the charts changes its x and y axis components respective of its weight.

Color Guessing game

This project was developed with JavaScript to make the user fight against the computer’s color guess. It’s HumanVsComputer. Make sure to win soon!

Be Different

This project allows the user to find the different/extra entity from two locations.It was written in JavaScript DOM. If you are through the fifth level, I can say, “You did a great job”.

Play:Color Guessing game
Play: Be Different